Squirrel Has Trouble Saying No

Dhs. 69.00
By Susanna Isern Illustrated by Leire Salaberria

How many times have we heard adults say, “I have troubles saying no”, it’s imperative we introduce the concept of finding your own voice and learning to say no at a young age.

Always pleasing others can sometimes have a cost. It is Bear's birthday tomorrow and Squirrel would like to prepare some delicious blueberry cookies for him. With just enough time to make them, she is about to set off to gather the blueberries from the forest when Fox arrives needing her help, followed by Duck and Doe too! When she finishes doing favors for all her friends, it is already night time and she still needs to gather the blueberries! With the light of the moon, she enters the forest, but by morning, she is still not back, and her friends begin to worry. What has happened to Squirrel?

A thoughtful story about being assertive!