Paperback: Fish Kid and the Lizard Ninja

Dhs. 40.00
By Kylie Howarth

There's a new hero on the block ... and he's got super fishy powers.
Faster than a speeding mullet … stronger than a bull shark … it’s Fish Kid! Slugging down slimy sea cucumbers and jellyfish is enough to make anyone ill! But once Bodhi recovers from Emely’s revolting prank, he realizes that her disgusting smoothie has given him some amazing new powers… It’s time for Fish Kid to find a way out of deep, shark-infested waters – and meet the world! Readers will want to dive straight into this fun-filled and fishy adventure.

'Throughout the book Kylie Howarth has included clever illustrations and fish facts which help create a visual context for the reader. The story is a fast moving and an enjoyable read.' ReadPlus