About aKINDemy

Welcome to the aKINDemy Gift Shop - where gifts leave a long-lasting impact. 
In a consumer-driven world, and fast-paced routines, it can be easy to buy things simply because they look pretty or cool - or will make you look good - but often, it is the smaller, more thoughtful gifts, that we appreciate and should teach our children the same values. 
Books say a thousand things to the reader and giving them, will fill that person with multiple possibilities and forms of joy. Whether it’s a tough topic or a joyous celebration, we have a gift box for that. 
Make it extra personal with themed-boxes, super special with tear-jerking baby shower boxes or striking stories about friendship - we have a book for every occasion. 
Enjoy giving memorable gifts and also benefit from our subscription service, where every month we search far and wide to find the best diverse book recommendations suitable for your chid’s age and you get to choose the books you want to receive in your box every month.
No more endless browsing in stores or online - all the research done for you and you choose the best children’s books with just a few clicks of a button.
Subscription details are here: www.akindemy.com