Hardback: Doodle Cat is Bored

Dhs. 59.00

By Kat Patrick Illustrated by Lauren Farrell

  • Doodle Cat is back and he is very bored.
  • Until he finds a thing!
  • But what is this thing and what does it do?

Following on from their debut picture book I Am Doodle Cat, writer Kat Patrick and illustrator Lauren Farrell have created another hilarious tale featuring the irreverent bright red squiggle who loves just about everything.

Bursting with imagination and fun, Doodle Cat returns to remind us to be curious, creative and to explore every option.

‘A beautiful, funny, imaginative tale about being bored, and finding ways to entertain yourself. Guaranteed to make children of all ages smile.’
—Australian Mother & Baby

‘Doodle Cat, drawn as a red, cat-shaped silhouette with frantic eyes and sharp whiskers … [H]as a brain explosion that Farrell illustrates in a full-bleed spread of chunky psychedelic designs … [M]ay work to corral — briefly — little ones who won’t stop running around.’
—Kirkus Reviews