Paperback: Punk Rocker Poodle

Dhs. 49.00

 By Laura Dockrill Illustrated by Sandhya Prabhat

  • No school.
  • No THANKS.
  • No. NO. NO!

Laura Dockrill's inimitable style of poetic rap is brilliantly suited to this romp through the house and round and round the playgroup, as one little poodle demonstrates what fun it is to stomp and stamp and pout . . . that is until naptime, when all she really wants is a . . . CUDDLE! There is a funky music video quality to this text, and the artwork will match the anarchic playfulness of the rap!

‘A crazy rock n’ roll attitude! Its feisty star explodes across the book’s vibrantly illustrated pages, and the in-your-face text will be a hit with punk rocker kids (and parents!). – Storytime Magazine