Sara Sadik

Sara Sadik, a Palestinian/Lebanese energetic mom of 3 puzzle pieces who delivers her distinct brand of warm candid humor with an extra dose of sass in a traditional Arabic coffee cup.

Her first book, Finding the Magic in Mommyhood: How to Create the Illusion of Sanity amid Raging Hormones, Sleep Deprivation, and Diaper Rash was released in October 2018 and her second, The Extraordinary Pause, was released in Oct 2021.

A Post-It/highlighter/notebook aficionado who/that tries to always tell it/call it like it is. Her secret sauce is that she believes in finding humor in any situation and she's on a mission to make you see the lighter side of the harder bits of life.

Married to America-born Syrian Omar, whose investment career finances her Starbucks 1/2 shot soy cappuccinos, together they’re thirtysomethings who used to skydive and go on safaris for kicks, but now enjoy looking for stuffed bunnies and superman band-aids with 3 kids (8, 6 and 5)
She has been previously worked for/employed by The Daily Star newspaper in Beirut, the U.N. in NY and The Prime Minister’s Office in Dubai.