Anti-Bullying Gift Box 6-9 years

Dhs. 201.00

The box includes the following books and activities: 

BOOK: Beating the Bullies

By Lucy Blunt

Ben is being bullied at school. Other boys shove him, call him names and leave him out of games. Who can help him? What can he do?

Beating the Bullies is a guide for 7–11 year old boys and girls written by Clinical Psychologist Dr Lucy Blunt. In the form of an innovative children’s chapter book, it gives age-appropriate information aimed to “upskill” the child and give them “bully-proof strategies” for coping. Beating the Bullies also has two invaluable resource guides; one for parents (who often feel powerless and helpless at this time) and one for teachers (with class-specific questions and activities).

"Illustrated by Dr Blunt’s daughter, Chloe Osborn, Beating the Bullies is engaging and interactive and an essential resource to tackle the damaging and important issue of bullying."

BOOK: Two of a Kind
By Jacqui Robbins. Illustrated by Matt Phelan

Meet Kayla and Melanie—two of a kind and official first-grade mean girls. This is a new kind of playground bullying. These girls tease, whisper, and get their way all of the time, even when that means turning one friend against another. Anna is too smart to fall for their charms...Well, almost. The allure of the in crowd is strong. But after an early falter, Anna discovers she’s stronger when she stands up for herself and for her friend Julisa. This book is modern, multicultural, and has a message worth sharing— the perfect book to read to a classroom, to a child . . . or to a bully!"

BOOK: Fitting In 

By Haruka Aoki and John Olson

A heart-warming, inclusive, and whimsical picture book about a square trying to fit into a world of circles. This book celebrates what makes everyone unique and special.

In a world of circles, Square feels different! In public, Square wears extra shapes to try to fit in, but pretending to be a circle all the time is hard work.

When Square trips and falls at a big, beautiful circle party, everyone learns the truth about Square’s identity. In the end, Square realizes many friends are different shapes, too, and learns to celebrate the uniqueness of every shape (including the square!).

Perfect for teachers and parents to teach kids the importance of inclusivity.
A great resource for discussing topics like acceptance, empathy, bullying, and more.
A universal message that applies to anyone!"