Board Book: Rocking Bed of Dreams

Dhs. 45.00
By Cari Meister Illustrated by Diana Toledano

Rock your little one to sleep with a sweet ocean lullaby, in this lovely ocean-inspired board book!

  • Baby, you’ll sail on the waters.
  • You’ll dive in the deep.
  • You’ll dance in the moonlight while everyone’s asleep.

In this melodic and aquatic book, a parent waits for their little one to drift off to sleep with a restful lullaby full of sweet dreams of exploring the wonders of the sea, as they rock, rock, rock on the waves.

The New Books for Newborns series is “just right” for parents to read to their babies. With short, lilting, and lullaby-like texts, these board books help parents introduce reading to their children with snuggly, soothing read-alouds perfect for first story times.