Dhs. 50.00

By Ben Newman

Follow a cast of courageous characters as they each take it in turns to see who is the bravest animal of all in this colourful and engaging debut picture book from award-winning illustrator, Ben Newman.

Simply nobody is as brave and bold as Mouse, even though he appears meek, and small. Nothing scares him. Apart from, that is, Owl towering behind him! And of course, no one is as wise or brave as Owl. Nothing scares him, except for Monkey springing up behind him. And nothing's as funny and brave as Monkey, except Crocodile.

Crocodile's ice cool, although he's easily terrified by Tiger. Tiger is top cat, until he's traumatized by Elephant. And Elephant is, of course, biggest, and bravest of all. Until Mouse pops up!

The wonderfully simple funny book underpins the story of bravery and inner insecurity through the illustrations which are graphically bold. A super fun read!