Gender Equality Gift Box Ages 3-5 Games + Books

Dhs. 254.00

Gender equality is crucial to a fair and just world. Promoting it will empower all children to realise that they should have equal opportunities, and will also encourage our younger generations to be more tolerant of differences and everyone's uniqueness. At aKINDemy we want to help you with conversations around gender equality and empower you and your children to create a more equal world for all genders.

The box includes the following books and activities:

BOOK: Benji´s Doll.  

 Written and Illustrated by Alicia Acosta, Luis Amavisca, Amélie Graux.

Benji wants a doll more than anything in the world. When he finally gets one, he can´t wait to take it to the park to show his friends… An uplifting story which reminds us that there are no toys for boys or toys for girls – there are just toys.

BOOK: Claudia´s Dream. 

Written by Marta Morros Illustrated by Simona Mulazzani

Challenging gender stereotyping of characters, this book proves that dragons, aliens and even dinosaurs, can be female. When elephant Claudia finds a magic lamp and rubs it, a genie appears… But wait, the genie is female! Claudia goes on a great adventure and meets a dragon, an alien and a dinosaur… But what if all these were female too?

GAME: Mr & Miss Match: The equal pairs memory game. Discover 20 aspirational jobs to find and match. Each pair is made up of boys and girls alike in roles that are usually dominated by one gender. Our matching game teaches equality from a young age, empowering the next generation.

SPECIAL GIFT: Always with you pin badge.   

That is one very special Pin Badge. Designed to remind little ones that our love is always with them, even when we are not. It can be a very special little gift from many different people:

- From parents or caregivers to children to remind them that we are always with them - -From one friend to another to build close friendship bonds.