Family Fables Gift Box for ages 0-2 years

Dhs. 125.00
Family Fables Gift Box—a delightful collection curated for shared moments! This enchanting box features captivating books for kids, each tale weaving bonds of wonder and wisdom. An ideal gift for family time, creating cherished memories with every turn of the page.

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The box includes the following books:

  • Board Book: You Are Home

This lovely board book reassures young ones that wherever they go, they carry the love of a parent. So, no matter where they roam, they’ll always be home.

Home begins in a parent’s arm, and as the child in this story grows up, home then has grass, and sky, and a street that doesn’t end. The parent in this story reassures their child that they can keep going, they can find new homes, because wherever they go, they’ll carry the parent’s love. After all, home is where the heart is

  • Board Book: Rocking Bed of Dreams

Rock your little one to sleep with a sweet ocean lullaby, in this lovely ocean-inspired board book!

In this melodic and aquatic book, a parent waits for their little one to drift off to sleep with a restful lullaby full of sweet dreams of exploring the wonders of the sea, as they rock, rock, rock on the waves.

  • Board Book: Who takes care of you

Families come in all shapes and sizes and if you are spending some precious time with yours this summer, this book is perfect for your little one!

Childcare looks different from family to family. Whether there’s one caregiver, or two, or four—whether it’s a mommy, a grandpa, or a sitter—the most important thing for a child to know is that they are loved. This sweet board book highlights different kinds of caregivers, as well as the diversity among them.

Celebrate the many different caregivers in a child’s life with this tender and inclusive book!

  • PIN BADGE: Always with you

That is one very special Pin Badge. Designed to remind little ones that our love is always with them - even when we are not. It can be a very special little gift from many different people: - from parents or caregivers to children to remind that we are always with them - from one friend to another to build a close friendship bond.