Hardback: Carry Me!

Dhs. 65.00
By Georgie Birkett

“A smashing story for busy, weary grown-ups to share with their little ones.” ― Red Reading Hub

Wilbur refuses to walk anywhere. He loves to be pushed in his buggy; it's such a relaxing way to see the world. And he really loves to be carried – whether it's on his mummy's shoulders or getting a piggyback, it's simply his favourite way to get about. But as Wilbur gets bigger and continues to pick up extra props when he's out and about (a useful stick, anyone?), pushing Wilbur up hills in his buggy gets harder and harder. Poor Mummy's back is getting quite sore, and she is feeling so very tired. So tired, in fact, she might just have a little rest in Wilbur's buggy... A sunny, funny book that all parents and children will enjoy sharing together.