Hardback: How I Came to Be the UAE

Dhs. 65.00

How did an almost empty expanse of sea and sand become an influential country on the world stage within half a century?

In 1971, seven sheikhdoms on the Arabian Peninsula joined together under the visionary leadership of one man to form the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Although established in very recent history, the UAE has deep roots in the region it has inhabited for thousands of years.

No longer a fledgling nation, the UAE’s accomplishments during the course of its development have been monumental and prolific. The discovery of oil along with the strength, resilience and tenacity of its people have ensured its prosperity.

This beautifully illustrated account of the UAE’s history tells how a nation of nomads and pearl divers living in a harsh and barren land evolved into the vibrant, progressive society it is today.

The UAE can be proud of its history and confident of its future.

How I Came to Be the UAE is a beautiful keepsake book that’s suitable for children of all ages:

  • The book is written so that both younger and older children can enjoy learning about the history and development of the UAE.
  • It is a cross-curricular book that can be used both in English class and history/social studies classes.
  • For younger students (K-4), illustrations and callouts can be used by the teacher to tell the story.
  • Older students (5-8) will be able to read the story to further develop their English language capacity and to further explore their own history and culture.
  • Students in the higher grades (9-12) have an opportunity to delve further into English language and expression by focusing on literary components and by using content in the book as a springboard to research more deeply the history and culture of their country.

Adults too!

This book offers an accurate historical account of the development of the UAE and a taste of its culture. A visual treat and keepsake for teachers.