Hardcover: Caspian Finds a Friend

Dhs. 69.00
By Jacqueline Veissid Illustrated by Merrilees Brown

Caspian Finds a Friend is a warm and evocative storybook that strikes a universal chord.

Featuring a cuddly bear and a relatable protagonist, this picture book is the perfect addition to all children’s summer reading lists!

Caspian lives in a lighthouse surrounded by a cold grey-blue sea—every day, he watches, wishing for a friend, but no one comes.

So, Caspian decides that wishing is not enough.

What follows is a friendship story between a boy and a bear that is tender and warm.

  • Features lyrical text and evocative illustrations
  • Teaches the lesson about how reaching out to others can change everything
  • Story is fresh yet enduring and familiar

Caspian Finds a Friend is an imaginative picture book about how the power to change our world lies within ourselves.