Hardcover: The Mightiest Bite

Dhs. 65.00
By Howard Calvert Illustrated by Mike Moran

Discover who has the mightiest bite in this hilarious competition between some of the biggest - and the smallest! - animals on Earth... As a little girl munches on an apple, she thinks she must have the mightiest bite. Suddenly, along comes a parade of animals to compete for the title, including a shark with its 300 teeth in rows, and a t-rex with 60 huge bone-crunchers! But while each animal is fighting over their claim to the title, there’s a clever mosquito at work... can the hungry mosquito outwit them all, even the little girl?

"Toothy adventures in a witty, original picture book... The end will have everyone showing off their gnashers as they laugh out loud!" -LoveReading4Kids