Mother Nature Gift Box Ages 6-9 years

Dhs. 165.00

Celebration of our beautiful Mother Nature in a gift box! Embark on a nature-inspired literary journey while you Introduce your child to the sights and sounds of our beautiful nature.

Book: If You Come to Earth

Illustrated by BY Sophie Blackcall A New York Times Best Children's Book of 2020 A Publisher’s Weekly Best Book of 2020 A Time Magazine Best YA and Children’s Book of 2020 A Smithsonian Magazine Best Children's Book of 2020 A Booklist Editor's Choice for 2020:

If You Come to Earth is a glorious guide to our home planet, and a call for us to take care of both Earth and each other.

This stunning book is inspired by the thousands of children Sophie Blackall has met during her travels around the world in support of UNICEF and Save the Children. An engaging storybook about a single curious and imaginative child Simultaneously funny and touching Carries a clear message about the need to care for the earth and each other If you come to Earth, there are a few things you need to know...

We live in all kinds of places. In all kinds of homes. In all kinds of families. Each of us is different. But all of us are amazing. And, together, we share one beautiful planet.

This masterful and moving picture book is a visually comprehensive guide to the earth, imbued with warmth and humor. Ideal for children ages 3 to 9 years old Resonates year-round as a go-to gift for birthdays, holidays, and more. A great pick for teachers looking for a crowd-pleasing picture book about the world for little students Perfect for parents, grandparents, and caregivers.

Game: The On-The-Go Amusements 

The on-The-Go Amusements series offers ideas and activities for getting out and exploring the world. This inspirational, travel-size deck will teach kids and families how to go green in their daily lives and make big change one small step at a time.

Make the world a better, brighter place! 50 SIMPLE WAYS TO CHANGE THE WORLD—conveniently packaged in a tiny tin you can slip into a bag or a pocket—offers accessible activities to help kids and adults protect the planet. Learn more about the earth and its inhabitants and find out what you can do to keep us all healthy and safe.

DELIGHTFUL PACKAGE: A colorful and compact tin sets this deck apart from other activity books and products. With a package that evokes a box of after dinner mints and a design inspired by our very own blue planet, this tin is as fun to look at as it is to use.

HANDY PORTABLE SIZE: The compact package allows you to take the deck anywhere! These petite tins are perfect for slipping into a purse or pocket for on-the-go learning.

GREAT GIFT: All the ON-THE-GO AMUSEMENTS make for charming gifts, individually or as a set of two, three, or more. And the petite package makes them the perfect stocking stuffers during the holidays!

TIMELY AND IMPORTANT: This deck makes the daunting task of saving the planet easy, accessible, and fun! With the help of this deck, everyone can pitch in to make the world a better place.

FAMILY FUN: This inspirational deck will help both kids and adults alike make positive change in the world in a fun and sustainable way."

Pin Badge: Always with you 

Designed to remind little ones that our love is always with them - even when we are not. It can be a very special little gift from many different people:

- From parents or caregivers to children to remind that we are always with them
- From one friend to another to build close friendship bond.