Oceans Gift Box for 0-2 years

Dhs. 165.00

Dive into the miraculous world of Water, Seas and Oceans. Teaching about water and the amazing creatures that call it home is the ideal way to expand your child's understanding of Earth's aquatic wonderlands while teaching them to appreciate the abundance they provide and how to protect them.

What's included in the box?

SOUND BOOK: Seashore Sounds

By Sam Taplin. Illustrated by Federica Iossa

This beautifully illustrated sound book is a perfect way for little children to discover the magic of the seaside. From seagulls calling to dolphins squeaking and the gentle noise of the waves, the ten carefully crafted sounds conjure up the fun and excitement of the seashore. The illustrations are full of attractive details to spot and talk about, while holes in the pages and fingertrails combine with the sounds to create a delightful interactive experience.

BATH BOOK: Ahoy Captain Penguin

By Édouard Manceau

This cheerful bath book—complete with squirter—is a great way for children to enjoy bathtime fun!

Where will Captain Penguin adventures lead? To finding a new friend! When toddlers give the book a squeeze, it squirts! Make a splash with Captain Penguin!

LIFT-THE-FLAP BOOK: Into the Sand Castle

By Cindy Jin. Illustrated by Allison Black

Welcome to the Sand Castle! Open the doors of this castle-shaped lift-the-flap book to find out what ocean critters are living inside!

On every beach,
where a sand castle lies,
there is a real kingdom below
that sits in disguise.

From a royal king crab to a majestic whale, to a beautiful mermaid, little ones will love lifting the die-cut flaps on each spread to reveal the ocean creatures living inside each castle. Shaped like a sand castle filled with fun underwater details on each page, this lift-the-flap board book is the perfect summer read-aloud.