Paperback: A Sliver of Moon and a Shard of Truth

Dhs. 45.00

 By Chitra Soundar, Illustrated by Uma Krishnaswamy

More funny, clever trickster tales from India.
Prince Veera's great-uncle, Raja Apoorva, invites the prince and his best friend, Suku, to the summer festival in Peetalpur, where they participate in some of the competitions. Can they make the peahen sing, though peahens can't sing? Or win the painting competition, or even defeat the country's champion wrestler? The boys face each challenge with great wit and wisdom. Back at the palace, they are faced with more challenges. Raja Apoorva enjoys puzzles and presents several to the boys: who was the intruder who dared to pull the Raja's beard? How can the journey to the seaside be shortened? And at court it's Prince Veera and Suku who will decide which neighbour owns the tree that produces the wonderful figs for the palace, as well as solve the mysteries of the holy man and the astronomer. Four stories packed with clever and amusing tricks and puzzles which will delight children from 6 to 8 – and well beyond.
Categories: Fiction
For readers aged: 6+

I absolutely love witty humor, especially in short stories. Four wry new trickster tales from the creators of Mangoes, Mischief, and Tales of Friendship draw on Hindu mythology and the rich tradition of Indian folktales. Fully satisfying and uplifting, the tales feature two clever characters, who have been noted to compete at the summer festival in Peetalpur. Prince Veera and Suku are excited to compete in the games and must perform “feats,” but Raja Apoorva’s riddles prove the ultimate test of the boys’ wit. Snappy dialog and brilliant banter make this book an excellent read-aloud. Excellent classroom potential, great for lovers of short stories, folk tales, and trickster tales, with crossover appeal for younger and older readers.