Paperback: A Spy in the Jam Factory

Dhs. 42.00

By Chrissie Sains
Illustrated by Jenny Taylor

The fourth and final adventure in the hilarious series about Scooter and his alien sidekick Fizzbee. The jam factory is under surveillance by the Alien Intelligence Agency – will they succeed in finding a reason to evict Fizzbee from Earth?

Scooter and Fizzbee are experts when it comes to making out-of-this-world jam inventions. But lately there have been a few hiccups. Giant vegetables, floating children ... their new line of jam infused with Fizzbee's alien ingredients has got a little out of control. Scooter and his friends decide it's time to launch Operation: Make Fizzbee Look Good to reassure the villagers that Fizzbee isn't dangerous. Unfortunately, someone else is getting to work on Operation: Make Fizzbee Look Bad. Agent Fleur De Vious, the one and only spy in the Alien Intelligence Agency, believes Earth should be alien-free. After she receives a request from Fizzbee's family to visit her, she decides enough is enough – she's going to find evidence of Fizzbee's wrongdoings and have her evicted once and for all. Will Scooter be able to stop her in time?

'Quirky, fun and packed with sticky adventure and mayhem… There are laugh out loud black and white illustrations on practically every page of this book, really bringing the humour of the story to life. An uplifting, engaging and fun alien adventure story. With jam. Yum.' -Mini Travellers Blog

'This is such a glorious series. Chrissie Sains’ texts and Jenny Taylor’s artwork are a match made in heaven.'- World's Smallest Library