Paperback: Barki The Brave

Dhs. 49.00
In the colourful tropical rainforest, Barki and his friends are terrified of the greedy hunter who capture animals every day.
One day, Barki discovers that his best friend, Chidi the Chimpanzee, has disappeared. With an enchanting refrain and a heart filled with bravery, he sets out to rescue Chidi before it is too late. Along the way, he meets some interesting characters who agree that the hunter needs to be taught a lesson.

Barki the Brave is a heartwarming story about bravery and kindness. It introduces children to the idea of animal conservation in an engaging way. It is an ideal book to start conversations about kindness, forgiveness, courage despite fear, friendship, and working together to achieve a goal.

Here are other things that make this book SPECIAL!
  • Easy-to-read vocabulary.
  • Interesting characters with unique personalities.
  • Catchy rhyme and a refrain.
  • Twelve Barki shadows hidden inside for children to discover.