Paperback: Beware Blue Bagoo

Dhs. 49.00

 By Karl Newson

BEWARE the Blue Bagoo! Join in with the detective who is on the trail of a mysterious blue creature in this fun picture book!

A detective tries to uncover the truth about the infamous ‘Blue Bagoo’ – a creature so big and scary that it can’t possibly be made up, can it?

Our detective addresses us – the reader – on the very first page, and then walks the winding cobbled streets of a Dr Suess-esque seaside town, taking statements from the residents.

The Blue Bagoo proves elusive, but rumours of its ‘supposed’ qualities have spread throughout the town. However, as the investigation proceeds, there is a critical twist....

This is a tale of rumours and fears, that also teaches us a gentle lesson about jumping to conclusions and judging others!