Paperback: Chandra's Magic Light

Dhs. 55.00
By Theresa Heine Illustrated by Judith Gueyfier

Chandra and Deena's family has a smoky oil lamp at home, which makes their baby brother cough. Then one day at the market, the sisters spot a man selling lamps that are powered by the sun instead of kerosene — and would be healthier for their brother! But how will they afford to buy one of the ""magic"" lamps? This lyrical celebration of hard work, determination and sisterhood is brought to life with luminous acrylic illustrations of the mountains and markets of Nepal. Includes 7 pages of facts about Nepal and instructions for making a solar-powered oven.

You may be familiar with Growth Mindset (vs. Fixed) which is being taught in our school district. This title is PERFECT for illustrating the Constellation of Stances (Hertz/Mraz): Optimism, Resilience, Flexibility, Persistence & Empathy. You'll find ways to illustrate each stance within these beautifully written & illustrated pages - especially Resilience, as the sisters continuously need to find new ways to purchase a solar-powered tuki, which they know will improve the health of their little brother who's developed a cough from the smoky kerosene lantern. There are many ways that you can extend this story! Math: Compare the cost in Nepalese Rupees (NRs) to US Dollars for the tuki, the deposit, the kerosene & the bunches of flowers that Chandra and Dena sell at the market. Social Studies: Reference the last 7 fully illustrated pages that give details on Nepal's mountains, rivers, weather, flag, religion, rhododendrons, people and work, markets, and health. Have students re-tell the story of Surya and Chandra (the sun and moon gods) and discuss what this story reveals about the Nepalese culture. Science: Cook up some cheesy bread or fries in a solar pizza box (directions included!) Art: Make prayer flags and have your children or students write their own messages of hope for their community!