Paperback: How Do Meerkats Order Pizza?

Dhs. 62.00
By Brooke Barker

In this uproariously funny and charmingly illustrated book, readers are introduced to incredible animals and the bizarre things human scientists do to understand them.

Did you know that crows never forget a face? Or that jaguars have a favourite perfume? Have you ever wondered how to pet a yeti crab? Or whether dogs can tell if you’re smiling? And just what is a burrowing bettong?

From crafting fake poo to slurping up bugs with a straw, there’s nothing these amazing scientists won’t do to help us learn more about the animals around us. Packed with fascinating facts, this hilarious book reveals secrets like why roosters crow and how meerkats make decisions as a group – and how humans can better understand the wild creatures we share the planet with.

‘Pleasing and informative.’ Kirkus

‘I couldn’t put the book down as it was so exciting to read.’ Holly, aged 9, Books Up North