Paperback: The Right Place

Dhs. 55.00
By Beatrice Masini Illustrated by Simona Mulazzani

A lonely squirrel goes searching for a new home, only to discover that the best place is one where the whole community can live together. Joining Barefoot’s acclaimed collection of social-emotional titles, this tale offers the perfect opportunity to start conversations about coping with loneliness, the importance of community, and what makes a place feel like home. Beautiful illustrations by award-winning Italian artist Simona Mulazzani bring Squirrel’s journey to life.

I loved this book! It is about having a sense of community and belonging–which seems especially poignant in a time when everyone is asked to keep their distance from others (COVID-19)

A Squirrel’s search for home, leads to the discovery that home is not about bricks and mortar-or in this case trees of the forest - but is actually a shared place with those we love. A beautiful story, with lovely illustrations.