Paperback: The Secret Life of Dubai's Street Cats

Dhs. 50.00

By Bashayer Arif Illustrated by Eilis Boyle

Sharpclaw is no ordinary street cat. She’s a feisty Arabian Mau and a born leader. Together with her two best friends, Twitch and Blacktail, she roams the streets of Dubai, naps in the sun and meows happily at the kind humans who feed her. Sharpclaw can handle any kind of trouble. But when a terrifying house cat called Killtooth moves into their neighbourhood, the trio’s peaceful lives are shaken up. Can they successfully escape from Killtooth and find a new home for themselves? Join the three street cats as they explore the city of Dubai in a story of friendship, forgiveness and feline frenzy.

Gorgeously illustrated with lashings of humour, this is a touching and triumphant story for cat-lovers of all ages. It is the perfect book for: more confident readers, reading aloud to younger children cat-lovers everywhere!