Paperback: Unseen Jungle: The Microbes That Secretly Control Our World

Dhs. 49.00
By Eleanor Spicer Rice Illustrated by Rob Wilson

This lively peek into the amazing world of microbes, replete with a kid-pleasing "ick" factor, is bursting with fascinating facts, laugh-out-loud humour and fun illustrations.

Microbes are everywhere: outside, indoors, on your body, in your body. In fact, microbial cells outnumber your human cells three to one. Whether helping people digest their food or using mind-control techniques to lure mice into the path of hungry cats (no, really), microbes form an unseen jungle all around us. Through zany facts, hilarious and sometimes disgusting illustrations, and interviews with experts in their fields, aspiring young scientists (or kids who just want to be grossed out) will discover a hidden world in which your health depends on a myriad of microbes, houseflies get zombified by fungi, and termites are saving the planet one fart at a time. With such extras as sidebars, limericks, and even a lesson on how to draw E. coli, this “eww”-worthy treasure trove for kids is an engrossing romp into the microbe drama unfolding where you might least expect it.

'I honestly don’t think microbes have ever been such fun, or in fact that science and scientific facts have ever been such fun as they are in this book. Bursting at the seams with facts that will fascinate, give you cause to laugh-out-loud and stop to explore the illustrations so you can absorb as much information and detail as possible.' Armadillo Magazine